DOCTOR IVY will give you the location in the Petaling Jaya area and her own venue once you have made the booking commitment fees.

Commitment fees needed for proven who really serious and genuine want to come for her medication treatment and consultation.

Commitment fees for all newbies when coming for visitation for the first time.

Do not request DOCTOR IVY‘s picture, this is batin treatment and not a sexual / body massage.

DOCTOR IVY is a lady, of mixed Malay-Thai heritage.

    How do I find your location?

    After you pay the booking fee, DOCTOR IVY will give you the location.

    Why do I need to pay a commitment fee?

    The fee shows you’re serious about getting treatment from DOCTOR IVY.

    Do all new patients need to pay the commitment fee?

    Yes, all new patients must pay the fee on their first visit.

    Can I get a picture of DOCTOR IVY?

    No, we don’t give out pictures of DOCTOR IVY. This is a medical practice, not a body massage service.

    Who is DOCTOR IVY?

    DOCTOR IVY is a woman of Malay-Thai heritage who provides medication treatment.